The most important part of any investment is planning and conducting due diligence. When being invested in a volatile or speculative market, any information is helpful. Over the past years, there have been lots of research firms providing reports for retail and institutional investors. The growing number of research firms is also an indicator that the market is filling the gaps of inefficiencies in the crypto market. Analysts and researchers monitor and analyze the Bitcoin and crypto market to provide a wealth of information for their readers. Over the years, we have noticed many research firms from traditional markets entering this niche. However, considering this market is unique and different from other traditional markets, we decided to review research firms with years of experience that are solely researching Bitcoin and crypto market.

Since many sites offer cryptocurrency research, we made a list of 5 websites that provide unique coverage angles and provide quality content in their reports. The list below are the top Bitcoin and cryptocurrency research sites for retail and institutional investors: (No particular order to the list below.)


Top 5 Cryptocurrency Research Sites


Bitwise Asset Management is a pioneer when it comes to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency research. Bitwise is known for a variety of reasons, from submitting reports to regulatory agencies to providing Bitcoin research reports. If you are interested in subscribing to their research report, you also have the advantage of reading their previous Bitcoin reports for free. That’s not all! They are also known for providing indexes. You can monitor four of their indexes for free: Bitwise 10 Large Cap, 20 Mid Cap, 70 Small Cap, and 100 Total Market indexes. Institutions can contact Bitwise for their premium service that offers research, education, and due diligence.


The Cryptocurrency Investment Research Corporation (CIRCO) provides comprehensive Bitcoin reports for investors and institutions. CIRCO offers a free Crypto Economic Index (CEI) report for Bitcoin every month. Some of the content to expect on the CEI report is research and analysis on the network activity, geographic activity, and market correlation. CIRCO is also the developer and creator of the Network Volatility Index indicator. They offer investors Analytics to monitor the BTC market using metrics such as the NVI indicator, sentiment, and more. CIRCO is also known for accurately warning investors in their CIR Report before the November 2018 crash happening. Retail and institutional investors can contact CIRCO for more information about their premium CIR Report.

Incrementum, Crypto Research Report

Incrementum, Crypto Research Report is a great and persistent provider for quarterly reports. They offer free quarterly cryptocurrency reports for users to read. Each quarterly report covers different crypto-assets each time. Some things to expect in the research are exclusive interviews, insights, and statistical analysis. They offer a directory to review research on different subjects relating to cryptocurrencies. Incrementum was one of the first to cover the XRP Securities Case in their July 2019 quarterly report. All quarterly reports are free; however, you can also subscribe to receive early access to those reports.

Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital is a research firm that offers research and analysis reports on the digital asset market. They also provide a premium members portal for paying subscribers. But if you are looking to read some of their content first, they offer free sample reports for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Decentralized Finance (Defi). If you are interested in research covering decentralized apps (dapps) or monthly market calls to help make your investment decision, then Delphi Digital is worth a check. The type of content to expect are comprehensive research reports, outlook reports, insights, analyst calls, and commentaries. Outside of Delphi Digitals free sample reports, they offer several premium members packages that start from $25/month.

Smith and Crown

Smith and Crown is a cryptocurrency and blockchain, research provider since 2013. Many known publications such as Bloomberg and more have mentioned their research content. If you’re seeking research coverage on a diverse selection of crypto-assets, then Smith and Crown will not disappoint you. That is not all! They also offer a dashboard platform on their website called Smith + Crown Intelligence. The platform provides free research and crypto market metrics for investors. Crown and Smith do not indicate any paid premium packages, but if you cannot find what you’re looking for, then feel free to contact them.



If your focus of research is irrelevant to investments or the list above does not satisfy your needs, more sites offer research on different subjects of cryptocurrencies. For educational purposes, Lopp provides a variety of thesis papers on Bitcoin. If you’re in compliance or law enforcement, be sure to check Cipher Trace or Chainalysis for more details. There are many more sites that offer research on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, and you might be wondering why other websites were not listed above. The top 5 are listed based on three factors, independence, trial, comprehensive relevance. Independency: They are independent and do not seem affiliated with exchanges or digital asset members, and there have been no reports on bias promotions. Trial: They provide free reports or free sample reports for users to read, before making any purchases. Comprehensive Relevance: The quality of content they offer covers all factors that are related to investments and the crypto-market.

Invest responsibly with a wealth of knowledge first.




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