Top 5 Cryptocurrency Market Screeners That Offer More

Being involved in the crypto-market, and having a website that offers the majority of the cryptocurrencies is very convenient. The ability to find a screener that provides metrics for any cryptocurrency makes life easy. Since many sites offer this service, we made a list of 5 websites that are different than the rest and go beyond your typical metrics and charts.


(No particular order to the list below.)


Top 5 Free Crypto-Market Screeners



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Coinpaprika offers a detailed liquidity feature for all the cryptocurrencies. This feature offers the market depth that measures 1% or 10% sections of the order book. What makes this feature useful is that they provide a liquidity historical market depth chart for all the cryptocurrencies!

image of coinpaprika feature
coinpaprika liquidity & historical market depth feature


Live Coin Watch

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Live Coin Watch has come a long way over the years. If you have not visited the website recently, then you're in for a beautiful surprise. They offer +/- 2% market chart for all the cryptocurrencies. That's not all! You have the option of viewing the market depth charts. (1) You can see it separately with each exchange. (2) Or view the aggregate of all the exchanges. (3) And also a quick overview as a spark chart with all the cryptocurrencies.

livecoinwatch feature
LiveCoinWatch Market Depth Chart Feature



logo for coin360 Logo

Coin360 offers several features that make it different than the rest. They offer a liquidity book feature to view all the bid and ask orders coming from exchanges from an overview perspective for all the cryptocurrencies. That is not all; their known for offering a heat map for cryptocurrencies, and exchanges!

coin360 feature
coin360 Heat Map For Cryptocurrencies Feature



logo for coinlib Logo

Coinlib offers a beautiful and simple user interface for investors. The cryptocurrency overview page provides baseline charts instead of a simple line spark chart. However, something that makes Coinlib different than the rest is its 24-hour flow chart! The flow charts show you crypto-assets flowing from and to the cryptocurrency you are viewing.

coinlib feature
coinlib Money Flow Chart Feature



logo for coingecko Logo

CoinGecko is a popular website for tracking cryptocurrencies. CoinGecko does its best to tackle fake volume by offering a "Trust Score" for exchanges. If that is not enough, they also provide historical volume charts for each exchange! There is more! If you're a derivatives trader, you will love coingecko! They offer detailed metrics such as open interest, funding rates, and more.

feature for coingecko
CoinGecko Derivatives Feature

You might be wondering why CoinMarketCap is not on the list. This list focuses on features that make the websites above different than the rest. (If you have never heard of CoinMarketCap, be sure to visit their website). While there are many more websites out there, we decided to choose 5 of the best sites that offer detailed analytics/metrics, but most of all, offer something different and unique from the rest.